Navigating the diverse educational landscape of Texas, which boasts over 8000 schools and 400 colleges, presents a myriad of challenges. In both public and private institutions, teachers and students grapple with issues stemming from the rampant and often inappropriate use of artificial intelligence, inadequate funding, disparities in resource allocation among schools, lax oversight of educator certifications, teacher shortages, variable educational quality, and instances of bullying, both among students and directed by educators.

These represent just a snapshot of the challenges faced by parents and students within the Texas educational system.

In the face of these issues, parents, students, and educators require legal support from professionals well-versed in educational law. They need attorneys with a robust understanding of the law and the experience and reputation to vigorously defend and safeguard the rights of K-12 students, college or graduate students, medical and health professions students, and Texas educators.

This is where we come in.

Odediran Law Firm is a seasoned education-focused legal practice with a proven track record. We specialize in handling and resolving a spectrum of conflicts in educational law, advocating for parents, students, and educators alike.
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Practice Areas

College and Grad Students

  • Academic Integrity Allegations-Cheating/Plagiarism/Unauthorized use of AI
  • Academic Suspension Appeals
  • Academic Dismissal Appeals
  • Disruptive Conduct Hearings
  • Disciplinary Hearings and Appeals
  • Disability Accommodation
  • Grade Appeals and Challenges
  • Title IX ( Sexual Harassment, Dating Violence, Rape etc ) Hearings

Medical & Health Profession

  • Student Progress, Promotion, and Dismissals Hearings
  • Medical School Suspension and Dismissal Appeals
  • Medical School Academic Progress Appeals
  • Clinical Evaluation Appeals
  • Medical Residency Appeals
  • Nursing School, Physician Assistants School, Occupation/Physical Therapy School etc

Suspensions, Disciplinary School (DAEP) and Expulsions

  • Bullying and Cyberbullying
  • Terroristic Threat
  • Assault on a Student or School Employee
  • Smoking or Vaping on Campus
  • Public Display of Affection 
  • Title IX ( Sexual Harassment) Accusations
  • Fights and Mutual Combat
  • Academic Integrity Hearings, e.g., Cheating, Plagiarism
  • Disruptive Conducts
  • Student Records
  • Misuse of District Technology
  • University Interscholastic League (UIL) Appeals

IEPS and 504s

  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and ARD Consultation
  • Section 504 Plan Consultation
  • Special Education/ARD Eligibility
  • Special Education Due Process & Litigation
  • Disciplinary Proceedings Discrimination Complaints
  • Office of Civil Rights Office (OCR) Complaints

Educators, Administrators & College Faculty

  • Texas Educators Certification Defense
  • Revocation or Denial of Texas Educators Certificate
  • Administrative Hearings – Texas Education Agency (TEA) and State Board of Educators Certification (SBEC)
  • Renewal/Non-Renewal of Educators Contract
  • Employee Grievance, Appeals, and Hearings
  • Advice regarding University and Departmental Policies
  • Pre-Tenure and Post-Tenure Review

Case Evaluation

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Give us a little information about your situation and schedule a case evaluation.

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