Goz Odediran

I started my legal career in intellectual property with a graduate LLM in International Business and Economic Law and World Trade Organization Studies from the Georgetown University Law Center Washington D.C.

My foray into education law began after my middle child was diagnosed with autism. Learning his needs and navigating the complex special education system led to a natural pivot from transactional law to education law.

I initially wanted to learn education law to better understand how to advocate for my child, but as I navigated the special education world, the more I saw the needs of parents in similar situations as myself and the stark disparities they faced without the support of legal representation.

Special education is very complex. I recall my very child’s first IEP Meeting. It was a disaster as I could barely keep up with the meeting. I had little understanding of the process and no one seemed to have the patience to break it down for me. That disastrous IEP meeting was my wake-up call. I immediately went into research mode seeking to better understand the process and advocate for my child’s needs. That was over 10 years ago, and I have not stopped researching and advocating. I even wrote a book about IEPS for parents. Check it out here.

Over the years, my law firm has undergone a transformative journey substantially broadening our scope of legal services. We have expanded our range of legal services beyond resolving only special education disputes to providing comprehensive education law services for both students and educators. This includes addressing matters such as educator certification, student-on-student or teacher-on-student bullying, school discipline, suspensions, expulsions, and academic integrity issues. Our legal services now cater to students across all education levels from K12 grade school to college and postgraduate studies.

This expansion also includes addressing complex issues like cheating, collusion, and plagiarism, as well as allegations related to the improper use of artificial intelligence (AI) across all educational levels.

Our commitment is to provide full-fledged legal support to ensure a fair and just educational environment for students and educators.

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Our law firm now proudly provides legal representation for the following;

Student Discipline:

  • Students who are accused of violating their school’s Code of Conduct or the Texas Education Code.
  • Suspension, Disciplinary School (DAEP/ JJAEP), and Expulsions.

Higher Education Student Discipline:

  • College students who are accused of violating their University’s Code of Conduct.
  • TitleIX / Sex / Dating Misconduct, Academic Misconduct (cheating, collusion, plagiarism), Professional Misconduct, Residential Violations, Technology Misuse, Alcohol/Substance Abuse and Grade Disputes.

Medical Students:

  • Student Progress, Promotion, Dismissal, Residency, and Discipline issues for student doctors and health professionals.

Academic/Plagiarism Issues:

  • Cheating, collusion, and plagiarism allegations for Undergrad, Advanced, and Doctoral Students.

Educators Certification Defense:

  • Texas Educators under investigation by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Special Education:

  • Focuses on students in need of Special Education Services, including Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and 504 plans.


  • Student-on-student,teacher-on-student or coach-on-student bullying.
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Our Staff

Julie Padilla


As a dedicated and detail-oriented paralegal at Odediran Law Firm, Julie Padilla brings a wealth of legal expertise and a commitment to delivering exceptional support to our clients. With a passion for our client’s needs, she is the first person to promptly connect with clients and is often texting and emailing clients at all hours of the day.

Julie, a graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration, a certified Human Resource Associate, and a certified Paralegal, is proficient with legal matters, but her passion for our clients is what drives her every day. She ensures that the needs of our clients are relayed accurately to our attorneys. She prioritizes building strong relationships with clients, ensuring they feel heard and supported throughout their legal journeys with our Firm. Julie also spearheads our backend systems and is passionate about seamless integrations of law and technology.

In her free time, Julie cherishes precious moments with her daughter, Marcheline. An avid guitar player, she finds solace and joy in creating music. Julie’s home life is equally vibrant, sharing it with 1 dog and 18 cats! Yes you heard it right, 18 cats!

Justin Odediran

Administrative Assistant

Justin Odediran is the administrative assistant here at Odediran Law Firm. With a passion for connecting people with the services they need, Justin leverages years of experience to comprehend the distinctive needs of clients, translating them effectively for the firm’s attorneys.

Justin also functions as the firm’s social media manager and is tasked with the critical role of planning, implementing, and monitoring the firm’s social media strategy.

Beyond Justin’s professional expertise, Justin is a student at the University of Austin at Texas, pursuing a degree in Kinesiology. Outside of the law firm and classroom, Justin can be found playing soccer or glued to any device avidly following his favorite soccer team- Arsenal “ Go Gunners”!

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