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Parents of special needs children frequently do not know what their children’s rights are in terms of the education and services offered by the schools, and they frequently feel intimidated by school staff during case IEP meetings. Sometimes parents feel out of place and feel that they have little input to their child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Our firm represents children with special needs and their parents throughout the state of Texas. We are not just a regular law firm that just happens to represent special needs children, we have personal experiences in the special education world. As a mother of a special needs child, Goz understands not just special education law but understands and relates to the emotional aspects of special education on a deeply personal level.
No one knows a child better that the parent and that is why there are laws that provide that parents are important members of IEP meetings and are expected to provide input to their child’s IEP. Unfortunately, some school district prey on the parents’ lack of the knowledge of the law and provide the child with less than optimal education service.
That’s where we come in. If you don’t agree with the services and/or program your child’s school district is offering your child you should consider consulting with a special education attorney.
By consulting with a special education attorney, you can get a clearer picture as to whether the school district is acting within the law as it pertains to your child’s education needs. In addition, many school districts have legal counsel of their own to guide them in making decisions at IEP meetings. Do not risk going to one of these key meetings without sufficient support of your own.

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Legal Checklist for Special Education:

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